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date: 2013-04-23 19:15
subject: House Crew Index
security: [sticky post]

Welcome to House Crew, the crew site of Powerhouse! (Imagine that.) ;)

A couple of important notes before we get started:

-Purebreds will be, well, purebred, with only one breed file in their history. Mixies are sorted by their face type. In both of these categories there may be Petz that were bred with an overwriting file, but as they are all still comprised of original PF Magic/Ubisoft breeds, they're still sorted there. (The only overwriting files that are kept separated are muttlies and beagles.) Hexed breed Dogz and Catz is where the Petz bred with a hexed, non-overwriting breed come in. Some of them will be obvious (unicorns and pet rocks and dinosaurs and such), some not so much. But if they have a non-original breed in their family tree, that's where they go. The Hexed Petz page is where all of my hexed .pet files I've adopted from others are.

-Yes, I do have a lot of Petz. This is the result of my having played Petz for about twenty (!) years on and off. While I haven't kept every Petz I've bred or adopted, I've kept a fair portion of them, and that will be reflected in the sheer numbers on some of the pages.

-Following from the previous note, I have been adopting Petz online almost as long as I have been playing the game. While I have been keeping better track of where I'm getting my Petz in the past few years, I wasn't as meticulous back when I was a lot younger. Hence, a number of these Petz are from "unknown". If you happen to recognize a Petz of unknown origins and know where it came from, please let me know in a comment! I have also listed URLs when I have them. (Some no longer exist, and thus are links to the site through the Wayback Machine.)

-And following that second note... I'll put in a big THANK YOU here to all the Petz owners who have offered me adoptions, downloadables, and/or grabbags over the past twenty (!!) years. I love each and every one of my Petz, and I am grateful to all of you for helping me add to my Petz family... even if I can't remember a lot of you! ^^;

-Regarding litter requests--all but a handful of my purebred Petz are for Petz 5 only. The mixies are, well, a mixed bag. Some of those are also Petz 5 only, but I have a growing number (and probably some of my more conventionally pretty mixies) in Petz 3/4. If you'd like a litter for P3/4, let me know in a comment and we can figure out which Petz are usable and work something out. (Of course, if you want a litter for P5, ask away!) I'm fine with inbreeding and gender flipping if you are.

-Anonymous commenting is on, so you don't need an LJ to leave any breeding requests, questions, or other comments you may have. :)

My show Petz

Purebred Catz Purebred Dogz
Alley Cats Bulldogs
B&W Shorthairs Chihuahuas
Calicoes Dachshunds
Chinchilla Persians Dalmatians
Desert Lynxes German Shepherds
Egyptian Maus Golden Retrievers
Honey Bears Great Danes
Japanese Bobtails Jack Russells
Maine Coons Labradors
Orange Shorthairs Muttlies
Persians Mutts
Russian Blues Papillons
Scottish Folds Poodles
Siamese Pugs
Tabbies Scotties

Mixed Catz Mixed Dogz
Alley Cats Beagles
B&W Shorthairs Bulldogs
Calicoes Chihuahuas
Chinchilla Persians Dachshunds
Desert Lynxes Dalmatians
Egyptian Maus German Shepherds
Honey Bears Golden Retrievers
Japanese Bobtails Great Danes
Maine Coons Jack Russells
Orange Shorthairs Labradors
Persians Mutts
Russian Blues Papillons
Scottish Folds Poodles
Siamese Pugs
Tabbies Scotties

Hexed Breed Catz Hexed Breed Dogz

Hexed Petz
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date: 2018-03-12 22:37
subject: Fanfic?!
security: Public
music:Got My Mind Set on You -George Harrison
Yep, fanfic. FF.net AO3

Hey Arnold fanfic, because who thought I'd ever write Hey Arnold fanfic again? alright canon Arnold/Helga pairing, I've indulged you, now leave me alone. ^^;
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date: 2017-11-25 22:25
subject: So I watched Hey Arnold at an airport
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music:Magic -The Cars
Heeeeey! I'm making an update! :D

Life's been busy as always, but this past week James and I got a nice break and had a Vegas vacation. This was my sixth time traveling to Las Vegas, so nothing really new or exciting to report, but it was definitely a much-needed break for both of us. (This was the first time I went without my parents, or with only one other person in general. Good thing that other person was my husband lol) We ended up being able to eat out more and even see a show with the help of a lot of loyalty points racked up in MyVegas. I knew I was keeping my Facebook around for a reason lol. I even didn't lose a whole lot of money gambling.

Our checkout time was 10 AM Friday morning, but our flight wasn't until 9:25 PM. We'd packed everything in our backpacks so we wandered up and down the Strip a few times, but by around 1:30 was just said "screw it" and took a taxi to the airport. We obviously had a looooooot of time to spend there, but at least there were plenty of places to sit and plug in our phones/laptops. And the timing of our very long airport wait coincided perfectly with the airing of Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, so thanks to my dear husband for letting me borrow his phone, I was able to watch it at a countertop at a food court in the C terminal of McCarran International Airport. :D

Soooooooo who wants to hear my thoughts on it? lol

First thing's first, if this wasn't super obvious--I fandom hop so much that it's hard for me to really consider me a "member" of any one fandom (or a big fan, fount of knowledge, whatever of a lot of things... jack of all trades, master of none and all that). The only fandoms that I've ever felt I've actually been even more than a blip on the radar on were Powerpuff Girls and Fairly Oddparents, to be honest with you. Now I've written two Hey Arnold fanfics, which I've noticed have gotten a bit more traffics in the way of being followed/added to favorites lately (if any of you new readers are here reading this, hi and thanks!), and those two are actually two of my favorite fanfics of mine. :) And I'm very fond of the show--it's in my top five Nicktoons for sure (Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, and the first three seasons of both SpongeBob and FOP are my others). That said, I don't consider myself much more than a casual Hey Arnold fan. I didn't really do much in the fandom other than write those two fics, and while I was aware of the online petitions/campaigns to save the Jungle Movie, I never participated. For one thing I thought it was kind of a pointless gesture, because like they'd pick it up years later and finally make it, right?

But also, I was actually one of the few Hey Arnold fans who was actually okay with the show being left on an open note, or "dangling" if you will. One of the obvious reasons for that was that it left more options open for fanfic lol. But there was another concern, I suppose, in the back of my mind with what I knew of what the movie would have been, ie definitively tackling the two biggest unsolved plot points of "What happened to Arnold's parents?" and "Will Arnold and Helga be endgame?"

It's hard to phrase this as if I wanted neither one of those to turn out happily, because that wasn't the case at all... I just wanted them done WELL. It just always made sense to me that Arnold's parents had died in the jungle at some point, because if they weren't, there would have to be a pretty damned good explanation as to why they never came back all those years, and my brain could never come up with a situation that left Arnold's parents alive but separated from him that long in a believable and reasonable manner. And as for Arnold and Helga, I mean, look at at the fanfic I wrote, of COURSE I fucking ship them like FedEx and I was totally assured that they'd end up together someday... but as the Jungle Movie was always set when they were kids, I just felt... weird about the thought of them actually hooking up at that stage in their life, you know? I mean I know Helga would have been totally cool with it lol, but please, they're just kids, give them until high school or so to make that step so that I actually believe it and don't feel skevvy thinking about it.

What it boiled down to in both cases was that I would have rather them not happen at all than happen poorly... and I was afraid that they would be handled poorly.

Sooooooo.... with all that in mind, here are my very obviously spoilery thoughts on the Jungle Movie and specifically how those two (obviously very major) plot points were handled in the movie!

I mean honestly what else am I gonna talk about here?Collapse )

This was actually well-timed, not only for me to be able to watch it during our wait for my return flight home, but also in the drought of DuckTales episodes. I think the schedule's finally picking back up next week, which is great! I need more Magica. I mean, I REALLY need more Magica. She needs to take physical form already and be the bad-ass she is. COME ON MAGICA I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

I've got those new episodes and Static Cling (the Rocko's Modern Life new episode/movie) to look forward to... oh, and Christmas. I will most likely go back to being an online recluse after this as my holiday travel plans are brutal. So if I don't get to it by then, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! :)
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date: 2017-08-15 13:13
subject: (no subject)
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tags:ducktales, yaaaaaaay
oh man I haven't logged in to LJ in AGES! Um... hi! How have you all been? (Yes I know pretty much all of my entries anymore start like that...)

I have been a very happy Commander as of late, and I'm sure you probably know why...

...this is everything I'd hoped it would be you guys, AND MORE.

Ahem. Organized thoughts... oh and SPOILERS!!!

-I'm still a huge fan of this art style and, to be honest, I prefer this style to the style the original show was in. I was a tiiiiiny bit disappointed that the animation itself wasn't as dynamic as it seemed to be in the preview, but that's a tiny quibble, especially considering the style makes up for that.

-Still not really feeling HDL's new voices, to be honest, BUT! I definitely like the new, different personalities they have. They're much more interesting characters now.

-On the other hand, though, Webby's voice has grown on me, and I totally love what they've done with her character this time around. I think it goes without saying that she as well is a much more interesting character. ;)

-As a fan of Donald, I like how fleshed-out he is here, too!

-and Scrooge, unf. SCROOGE IS THE BAMF TO END ALL BAMFS. goddammit Scrooge you magnificent bastard you.

-And hell, Glomgold! MOTHERFUCKIN' GLOMGOLD! I didn't really care for the physical changes they'd made to him and he was always kind of a boring character in the original show to be honest, so I didn't have high hopes for him, but omg, on top of everything else this show has redeemed Glomgold in my eyes too. He is a HOOT! :D

-...can I just say that I love all of the characters and leave it at that? Lanuchpad, Mrs. Beakley, EVERYONE omg. There literally isn't a character here that I don't care about, which is more than can be said for the original DuckTales.

-Of course the thing I'm most excited for is the ending revelation. HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY'VE ACKNOWLEDGED DELLA. DELLA (or at least her past/disappearance) IS GOING TO BE IN THIS SHOW. To be honest, that almost makes me forget that I'm still upset that we haven't seen anything regarding Magica de Spell yet. I seriously thought Disney considered Della to be dead, never to be mentioned, etc... but out of the blue THERE SHE IS. You should have seen my reaction when I first watched this lol.

So yeah, I think that about sums it up... I think it's okay. ;) lol. All kidding aside, this is AWESOME and all (well most) of my exceedingly high expectations were met. If Magica does show up in a later episode (and I kind of get the feeling they're building up to her (probably surprise) reveal considering she's not in the opening sequence but supposedly there's concept art of her for the show... I mean the opening clearly highlights Scrooge's Number One Dime, MAGICA SIMPLY CAN'T BE TOO FAR BEHIND) I'll be a completely satisfied happy camper.

Lydia likes the show, too! I'm super stoked that there's a new DuckTales show for her to grow up with and something we can watch and enjoy together. She's two, by the way... how the hell has it been two years already?!

Also, and as if I'm not fangasming enough over this new show, the 90's kid in me is also completely freaking out over these two previews...

...so fucking perfect. Both of them. They look like the originals, they sound like the originals, and yet they're continuing/updating them for a new time...

God damn is it a good time to be a 90's kid. XDDDDDD
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date: 2017-07-10 23:06
subject: Hey it's fanfic
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music:Higher Power -Boston

I did not intend to stay up this late working on getting this ready to post, I need to go to bed now ^^;
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date: 2017-07-06 22:12
subject: (no subject)
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Whew! Told ya I'd get it finished this summer sometime!

Sometime this weekend I'll start the process of proofreading, editing, and dividing it up into chapters. Hopefully that won't take too long and I'll get it posted sometime within the next week or so. I'll of course post a link here when I do!


omg, fuck you, Photobucket. I'm not paying money to display my own files. :/

Please excuse the broken images. I'll deal with it (ie, find a new image host) later.
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date: 2017-06-30 13:12
subject: (no subject)
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music:Simply Irresistible -Robert Palmer
(crashes back into LJ)

Hey everyone! I haven't been around much (or even read any entries on my flist) for the past couple of weeks, so I hope you're all doing well and apologize for missing anything. I just sneaked back in here really quick to jot down a few things I wanted to say/talk about.

First, the rocketshipping fanfic. It's almost done. I just have two scenes left to write and then it'll be finished. After rereading/editing, of course. But it's close. Really close. It'll be finished and published this summer some time, I SWEAR. Word count will be around 40K, so it'll actually be slightly shorter than my original estimate (that's a first, believe me).

On the subject of fandomy-things, though... these past few months I've really been feeling my age. And it's not because of anything I've read or anyone I've encountered online. It's because of my nieces and stepson.

My nieces are thirteen, making them close to the age I was when I first discovered fanfic/online fandoms in general (I was fourteen). They've told me that they like writing stories but haven't gotten very far in a lot of them. I was happy to hear that they have this hobby, and I encouraged them and told them that I've encountered bad writer's block as well... but it felt awkward at the same time, because I didn't feel like I could tell them exactly what I've written about. Obviously I know putting my stuff online means lots of people can read it, and I'm sure that includes a fair share of tweens/young teenagers, but... the thought of my own nieces reading my stuff and knowing the real-live person behind the ridiculousness, the over-analyzing, and (worst of all) the smut? Embarrassing as hell. I want to more encourage them in our shared hobby, but at the same time want my fanfic to remain safely anonymous, and, well, fanfic's pretty much all I've ever written. Argh.

With my stepson the issue is just tenfold, lol. He's younger than my nieces--he'll be twelve in the fall, which still puts him younger than I was when I first entered the world of online fanbases--but he seems to know quite a bit about fanfic specifically. He's told me he's read some, and that he's familiar with the concept of shipping. He's also told me (in vague "oh my god what is wrong with the world" terms) about stuff he's found when doing google searches, as if to shock me, and I feel awkward having "I know, buddy, I've been involved in online fandoms since before you were born, nothing you're saying is surprising me". Which is weird enough to have to say out loud, but at least I'm not telling him that I've contributed to some of the more "out-there" stuff! Granted, my stuff's tame compared to a lot of things (and he's more into game fandoms like Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy's, things I know nothing about other than their fandoms can be like a dumpster fire), but the fact remains that I've written smut involving a duck and a sentient puddle of water who speaks entirely in advertising jargon. Amongst other things lol. It's just... awkward lol. I know I've used that word a lot these past few paragraphs, but there really is no other word for realizing there's a very real possibility of my young-ish relatives finding and reading my stuff, and even possibly correctly connecting it back to me.

Not that I'm going to stop writing my fic, or take everything I've ever written down lol. It's just... weird. Weird to think that these kids, who aren't technically mine but are young enough to theoretically be mine (I would have been a teenage parent for all of them, but... late teenage parent, and hell my husband's only a few years older than me and he's obviously old enough to be my stepson's father) are close to the same age I was when I first started getting involved in all of this. It's just so bizarre. In some ways I don't feel like a lot of time has passed since my middle school/high school days, but things like this prove that it obviously has lol

Last thing, and this is mainly just for my own reference later. I found a webpage that helps you list your favorite Pokemon, in order (which can be found here), and here's my top twenty: https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite-list?favorites=131%2C681%2C026%2C450%2C448%2C330%2C724%2C730%2C212%2C136%2C028%2C392%2C526%2C756%2C321%2C733%2C655%2C359%2C666%2C009

--with a few notes/alterations. I didn't check the box to list alternate forms, so the sandslash you see up there should actually be the Alolan sandslash. (And looking at the list again, I might switch its and flareon's spaces). I also somehow eliminated mudsdale early on, probably by not keeping track of where I was clicking, but it should be in my top twenty. Probably right before infernape. But other than that, I feel this turned out pretty accurate of my top twenty favorite Pokemon. (Well, twenty-one when you add mudsdale back in. Sorry, blastoise. You're still cool.) The top five, plus delphox, was my main team in the first game I ever played (Pokemon X), so they'll probably always hold a special place in the Pokemon section of my heart for that reason alone lol. Plus they're all just great battlers too, so, you know. :D
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date: 2017-05-20 22:16
subject: Fanfic update
security: Public
music:Mr. Roboto -Styx
Well, I don't think I'm going to get that fanfic finished within the next week, unfortunately. My next hope is that I'll have it finished sometime this summer, although I can't really pin it down more specifically than that (especially if I'm trying to avoid setting a deadline for myself that I'll end up breaking, at least). I've realized that summer in general is just a stressful time for us, and that stress begins in May. (Not helped with a few other monkey wrenches that have been thrown into the mix lately.) That said, I'm guessing I'm 75-80% finished with the fic, and I have every intention to finish it, and I have been chugging along at a fairly steady pace, especially considering everything that I've been juggling lately. So it WILL be finished. Hopefully soon. Ish.

I guess my intent/hope now is to finish it before the new DuckTales premieres, because let's be honest, we all know perfectly well that once that show's on the air that'll be the only thing I want to watch/think about lol. https://ohmy.disney.com/news/2017/05/19/lin-manuel-miranda-joins-the-voice-cast-of-the-new-ducktales-woo-oo/ GIZMODUCK CONFIRMED AND FRICKIN' LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA IS HIS NEW VOICE?! I LIKEY. XDDDDD


As always, hope everyone on my flist is doing well!
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date: 2017-04-21 23:26
subject: Ranting about the stupid show that has for some reason devoured me
security: Public
music:Jane -Jefferson Starship
tags:pokemon, real life, wtf
(Full disclaimer before we start: I am quite drunk right now. I apologize in advance for any typos.)

If anyone is here from my FF.net account, I am still working on that Rocketshipping fanfic. I'm at 29K words, and I'm hoping to have it finished before Memorial Day (when we get my stepson for the summer). This may be an overly lofty goal, however... especially considering that I've grown a bit distracted from the fic.

In which I rant and rave about Pokemon.Collapse )

Now that that's out of my system...

I should probably announce that as of March 30th, I have two more nieces, Jeanette and Isabella! I'm hoping that I'll be able to meet them in person this summer; they're so adorable and, again, I'm so excited to be an aunt to twins again. :D
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date: 2017-03-03 13:54
subject: In which Commander is a 30-year-old woman having extreme fangasms
security: Public
music:Standing on Higher Ground -Alan Parsons Project
tags:ducktales, pokemon, powerpuff girls
This is longer than I thought it would be, so snip snipCollapse )
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date: 2017-01-08 16:05
subject: FANFIC
security: Public
tags:fanfic, wtf
There's a chapter two of my rocketshipping fic! A CHAPTER TWO, I TELL YOU!

(Somebody stop me.)

Of course, writing that chapter two meant I had to retitle the whole thing, and adjust the summary. But such is the life of a writer who had no clue what she's doing. ;)
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date: 2017-01-04 12:56
subject: Re: LJ changes and Dreamwidth
security: Public
tags:rambling, real life
Hello all readers,

I'm sure you've all heard by now the rumors regarding LJ's servers moving. I'm not sure what to make of the implications, whether they be not a whole lot changing on this end, the possibility of compromised security, or even the whole site being shut down. Truth be told, I'm rather skeptical of the doomsday predictions, but just to cover my bases (ie, since I keep all of my Petz records here and I reeeeeeeeeeeally don't want to have to reformat all of that if the worst happens), I have created a Dreamwidth account, which is here:


My same username, very simple. Right now I've migrated everything over, although there's still some tweaking I need to do.

That said, I don't really plan on actually completely moving there unless LJ really does catastrophically implode in on itself. Right now it'll serve as a backup in case I need it, and if the (few) communities I follow here do make the move I'll be there with them. However, at least of right now I still plan on mainly posting here (or at least cross-posting). My journal's fairly quiet anyway--I don't blog as much as I did even five years ago, let alone ten years ago. But I do still want to keep this up for the life updates I make a few times a year, as well as those times I want to talk about fandomy things. Again, I do both of those far, far less than I used to and neither me nor anyone else would lose many tears over my inability to do so if that would come to pass, but I do want to keep the option open.

And, again, I want to keep all of my Petz crew pages and show records up and running lol

Might as well make a life update while I'm here... things are still going well for us. No major changes in work, location, situations, etc. Well, other than I'm going be not only an aunt again, but a TWIN aunt again! My husband's brother and his wife are expecting twins in the spring. My poor Lydia, lol... she'll have four cousins and they'll all be twins, two sets of them. It's hilarious. But also, of course, super exciting! I can't wait to be a twin aunt again. They don't know the sexes yet, but they should soon. They did say it looks like they're identical, so most likely they'll be either GG or BB. Girls are more fun to shop for (I know this not only from my own daughter but also from back when my nieces were little), but on the other hand, it would be nice to have a nephew (or two, in this case). ;)

Fandom-wise, I'm still writing fanfic when I can (yes, more Rocketshipping... a continuation of my previous fic, in fact, and it's coming along slowly but surely) but not really watching or reading anything right now. Just keeping busy with life in general, trying to work out a bit more, and playing the new Pokemon games. I finished Sun a week or so ago, and now I'm doing a Wonderlocke on Moon (it's like a Nuzlocke, but instead of keeping only the first Pokemon I catch in any given area, I wonder trade it, and I keep THAT one. Makes things very random and interesting).

That's about all from me for now. Hope everyone had a good New Year's. :)
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date: 2016-12-23 13:56
subject: Year in review
security: Public
music:Photograph -Def Leppard
It's that time again! Yes, for me to crawl out of the shadows, prove that I'm still alive, and info-dump uninteresting information about my year!

Year in review: 2016Collapse )

Yeah. 2016 wasn't anything exciting or memorable for me, at least compared to 2015. But it certainly wasn't a bad year, either, so I am not at all complaining about that. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Maybe I can ring in the new year by finishing the fanfic I'm working on. Hoping I'll be able to soon! (DAMN YOU TEAM ROCKET)
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date: 2016-10-11 21:24
subject: (no subject)
security: Public
We're back. Survived the family reunion. My MIL will be bringing Lydia back Friday afternoon.

The reunion itself went alright... it was definitely great to see family I hadn't seen in awhile... but the aforementioned crap my in-laws pulled, in addition to the expected headache of making a six and a half hour trip with a toddler, PLUS new crap from my mom, has made James and I agree that we pretty much won't be doing this again... or at least not until Lydia is much older.

Actually, and alluding to how crappy the trip down there was... I was actually at the point that I was more than happy to leave Lydia with my in-laws and let them have to deal with driving her back here. My main worry was that she would be inconsolable when we left, but we actually all ran an errand this morning and then James and I left from there back home, so we weren't "abandoning" Lydia at her grandparents' house and so she was totally fine with us leaving. (Granted, I kind of think she would have been fine regardless. She is totally fascinated by dogs, and my in-laws happen to have three. Lydia's pretty much in heaven there with the dogs and anyone else is chopped liver when they're in the room... and of course the dogs are fascinated by her too, so they are rarely away from her side lol)

I apologize for any typos... I've had a few glasses of wine. After this weekend, it's pretty much a given lol
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date: 2016-10-06 11:35
subject: HA HA HA
security: Public
mood:pissed offpissed off
tags:rant, real life, wtf

Our plan, and we told my in-laws this, was to stay with them until Tuesday. The family reunion gets over on Sunday afternoon, but to spend a little more time with them and to not be rushed getting home we were planning on leaving Tuesday morning. Simple, right?

Well, apparently they thought that meant that the TWO OF US were leaving and that they would keep Lydia for the entire rest of the week.


And, of course, to avoid drama... THEY'RE GOING TO GET LYDIA THE REST OF THE WEEK!

Fuck this. I'm never going to a family reunion again.

eta: James and I are planning on purposely making ourselves sick/sicker (he's sick today and I was Monday) in order to have a decent reason to not go at all. Wish us luck lolololol
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date: 2016-10-05 09:39
subject: (no subject)
security: Public
tags:don't read, rant, real life
Issues with my momCollapse )
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date: 2016-10-04 21:53
security: Public
music:Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now -Starship
tags:fanfic, rambling
I wrote another one. Also cross-posted to AO3. More adult, more rocketshippy, more... melons. I guess. Why am I still giving the Pokemon anime any of my time and attention, again? Oh right... it's stuff like this. YEEEEEHHHHS

Life's been busy for me, as usual. Currently trying to deal with the fact that in a mere twenty days from now, I will no longer be a twenty-something. Trying to simultaneously enjoy the last of my twenties while also make my mind get used to thinking of myself as... thirty. Sounds weird. Especially as I sit here posting near-smut fanfic of children's cartoons, you think I would have outgrown this years ago...

Hope you're all doing well. :)
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date: 2016-08-23 20:56
subject: Fanfic
security: Public
music:Pour Some Sugar On Me -Def Leppard
tags:fanfic, wtf
Here it is, as promised. Also here if you'd prefer to read it on AO3. It's fanfic for the goddamn Pokemon anime, and I can only attempt to save face by assuring you that the fic's about Team Rocket, and ONLY Team Rocket.

Ahem. Okay. So back awhile ago when I mentioned that I've been playing the Pokemon games despite never playing them as a kid, that did NOT mean I was watching the anime. Even my husband agreed with me that the anime is terrible. In fact, I remember him showing me some episodes on hulu so we could laugh at them. We first watched an older episode and both cringed. Then we watched the first episode of the XY series, and I distinctly remember both of us saying... "...that's not as bad as I thought it would be." Mind you, the bar was VERY low, but let's give praise where it's due.

My husband lately, because he's an idiot or something, has been watching the episodes of the XY series on Youtube, and has been telling me about them, of course. Always peppered with the whole "This is actually a lot better than the earlier episodes." He finally blabbed enough that I watched a few episodes with him. And laughed at how stupid it was (while also acknowledging that the animation is actually halfway decent--I'm sure they have a better budget now than in the earlier days, but I can't help it, I'm an animation snob, and the quality of animation is always one of the first things I notice. So long story short, the animation's decent enough that it doesn't bother me).

And... I kept watching episodes. And I don't know why! This show is so stupid. SO stupid. I can acknowledge that it's far better than it was when it started while still pointing out how STUPID this show is. I don't care about Ash or his friends, they're whiny and annoying and STUPID. The Pokemon saying nothing but their names will never not be STUPID. It's just... argh. So, so stupid! Why the fuck am I watching this?!

Rhetorical question, of course, because that fanfic I just wrote and posted shows exactly why the fuck I'm watching this. Team Rocket. Goddamn Team Rocket! Yes, they're stupid too, but at least the show did that on PURPOSE and doesn't expect you to cheer for their stupidity. Besides, they're a hoot! You know me and my villain love, especially super hammy villains. Here's a whole TEAM of them! Goddamn you Team Rocket, stop making me watch this show! This is so much more than, say, Phineas and Ferb, a show I admit I watch for the villain... because while I'll admit I probably wouldn't be super interested in the show if it was just, well, Phineas and Ferb, even if it was just them it wouldn't be a bad show. But god, this pile of crap show! And yet I'm still watching it! Please, someone, spin off Team Rocket to their own show so I can see them just bungle around the countryside and try to go about their day-to-day lives without Ash and Co to muddle it up. I would watch the SHIT out of that!


...I think I've made my opinions clear, lol.

Also, as alluded to in my previous entry, I was happily ship-free while coming up with a fanfic idea, but my husband introduced me to, I guess it's called Rocketshipping. I figured people probably did ship Jessie/James, of course, but I was happy detached from that... until my husband showed me EVEEERYTHING. Goddammit. So, yes, I do ship them now, and it's all my stupid husband's fault lol. It's his fault for making me watch this show in the FIRST PLACE

More fanfic (that is way more ship-fueled, because goddamn my husband) may possibly be following. For right now I'm just going to take a break and think very hard about my life choices.
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Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd announce that I started writing a new fanfic last night. I blame my husband 10000000% for making me watch this show in the first place, which I will not name right now because I'm being a vague asshole my fifteen-year-old self would smack me if she knew what show I was actually willingly watching. Yeah, that's it. Actually, the me up until a year or so ago would have smacked me. I'm still smacking myself mentally.

Anyway. I will also state if I write any more fanfic about this show, and specifically the characters I'm writing about (and let's face it, they're the only characters I'll be writing about because they're the reason I'm watching the show since I'm predictable as fuck), I blame my husband again a thousand times over the original amount, because after I told him I was planning on writing fanfic about these characters and he made a perverted comment about pairing them up (because there's a reason we're married and perfect for each other), I told him "Actually, I don't really ship them. I'm not opposed to the idea of shipping them, but they're not giving me anything either positive or negative shipping-wise." His response was "here, let me fix that for you."



So anyway, I'll post the link here when it's finished and posted. I know I've worried about jinxing myself in the past, but this fic should be fairly short and I've already gotten a good start, and I'm feeling pretty good about it and know where I want to go with it. So I'm hoping it will be finished by the end of the month. :)

Also, speaking of the husband, we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary a little over a week ago. We both forgot to say anything about it on Facebook, and as we all know, nothing's official unless it's online, lol. We did go out to eat with Lydia, though... next year we're getting a sitter lol. Lydia actually does fine in restaurants for her age, but I still need to cut up her food, make sure she doesn't drop plates on the floor, remind her to drink from her sippy cup... yeah.

That's about all from me lately. How have all of you been?
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